Where's Bob? Connecting tastynation one tastytrader at a time!

Look, we're not tooting our own horn here or anything, but there's no denying you can't get enough of us. Seriously, though, why else would we develop 'Where's Bob?' - a mobile app designed to connect you with other tastytrade users close by - if you didn't ask for it?

It's time you straightened your beret and shined your original tastytrade member dog tag because you're about to discover and be discovered by implied volatility opportunists and premium sellers trading near you. 

Here's the insider scoop on how 'Where's Bob?' works:

  • Find other tastytrade fans and trading enthusiasts that are using 'Where's Bob?' in your area. You always have the option to publish or un-publish your location. 
  • Chat with other users. Who knows - you might even come up with the next best strategy since the Jade Lizard.
  • Create a low-key profile with your trading interests, experience level and screen name (this screen name is your chance to live out your wildest trader alias dreams).
  • By the way, technically this isn't really an "insider scoop" since the app is available now for download on both iPhone and Android.

To be fair, there are a few additional reasons why we just released the next best Bob app since Bob The Trader. Here they are:

  • tastytraders could use a helpful tool to make up for lost social time because they were too hooked watching Tom get increasingly more short the market while Tony simultaneously got increasingly tanner.
  • Traders are trading fiends. It doesn't matter whether you're a Johnny-1-lot or nearly a market maker, you're all HOOKED! It's time you didn't feel alone anymore. 
  • Make new, real friends. Our support team could use a little space so that they can tend to their friends, too.