Looking for that perfect stocking stuffer for your loved ones? Look no further than the tastytrade store! We’ve got hats (and Tom’s signature beret) to stay warm, Tom and Tony heads for trading inspiration (especially during market hours) and t-shirts (so you can be the most stylish trader in town) and many more items in our tastytrade store!

Because really, what says “Happy Holidays, You Knucklehead” more than a Tom head or a tastytrade t-shirt? You know you want to be the one in your family known for giving the ‘perfect’ gift, so we’re here to help!

And as a festive way to say farewell to 2015, if you head over to the store and purchase something between today and Dec. 23, you can use the promo code SAVE15 and receive 15% off your order.

What’s your favorite item in our tastytrade store? What new items do you want to see for 2016? Leave a comment below or email support@tastytrade.com.