tastytrade and Lightbank Position dough as a Disruptor in the Trillion Dollar Financial Industry

CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwired – Jan 6, 2014) – Co-founders tastytrade and Lightbank announce the launch of visual trading platform dough.com, one of the largest roll-outs for any online trading platform. More than 15,000 traders pre-registered for access to dough, the ground-breaking investor engagement and trading site. The iPad version of dough is also available in Apple’s App Store. dough mixes entertaining and sophisticated financial media, real-time trade streams, and drag-and-drop simplicity to redefine the investment experience and create a new generation of high-participation investors.

Tom Sosnoff, CEO of tastytrade and founder of the award-winning trading platform thinkorswim, explains, “The phenomenal growth of the tastytrade network proves that people are hungry for our innovative probability and logic-based approach to investing. dough is the next step in this revolution, allowing members to put their investment ideas into action quickly and easily. We’ve taken what we learned about trading technology from building thinkorswim, and matched it with what we learned at tastytrade to create engaging and motivating content that makes complex concepts simple. And we deliver it for free. There is huge pent-up demand for a product like dough.”

dough modules provide various layers of analysis and functionality. The modules help investors find and execute trades with a high probability of being profitable. “doughTV” features engaging and instructional content about real people, money and trading. dough’s “Follow” page shows a live stream of real trades entered by the people behind dough, ranging from novice to expert, and displays their current return on capital and probability of profit. The “Trade” interface offers drag-and-drop order creation and pre-trade calculations for probability of profit and return on capital. And the “doughJO” page offers a series of short educational videos and quizzes. The Trading Journal helps traders monitor their ideas and orders, and lets them archive trade screen shots and market data.

Brad Keywell, co-founder and Managing Director of Lightbank, said, “There are tens of millions of people who have an active interest in managing their money better and trading options and stocks, but who find the offerings of traditional investment firms and financial media unappealing, inaccessible and unhelpful. dough is a disruptor in the trillion dollar financial industry, using mobile technology to rethink the investor experience.” Keywell added, “Combining our experience at Lightbank with the technological and trading know-how of the tastytrade team, we can bring this new trading and learning experience to a demographic that has not been significantly addressed in years.”

Kristi Ross, President of tastytrade and CEO of dough, “We want dough to transform the way people think about investing. This partnership defines the future of how disruptive, differentiating products can get built, delivered and validated in months, not years, and truly have a transformative impact on traders and the financial industry.”

Traders can leverage the dough platform to execute stock and options trades. For more information and to sign up for dough, visit dough.com.