Bootstrapping In America is tastytrade's spotlight on the best and brightest of the entrepreneurial community in Chicago and beyond. Meet the innovative men and women leading the companies featured in this week's episodes!

Josh Inglis, Founder & CEO | Propllr
Propllr provides public relations and content marketing for startups and innovative growth companies. In this interview, Josh sits down with Tom and Tony to discuss how he left the world of trading and transitioned into PR.

We help bring credibility and awareness to their clients.
— Josh Inglis

Chris Happ, Founder & CEO | SeaSuite
Chris Happ started SeaSuite as a consulting company in 2008. The company’s mascot, the Goby Fish, stands as a naturally occurring symbol of sustainability and cooperation in the wild, which Tom was unaware of and baffled by. SeaSuite is helping to revolutionize the real estate space by helping people better visualize capture and understand sustainability and energy usage.

Since we launched the software in 2010 we’ve seen about a 25% reduction in energy usage.
— Chris Happ

Chris Conley, Partner | gravitytank
Entrepreneur, Chris Conley defines gravitytank as a company of innovation consultants. They work on innovation projects with companies that range from consumer electronics to healthcare. They've grown from 3 to 100+ employees in the past several years.

dough is the next generation of innovation that is necessary now.
— Chris Conley

Tricia Martinez, Founder & CEO | SHIFT
When Tricia Martinez, the founder and CEO of SHIFT was growing up, she was exposed to the hardships that many immigrant women face every day. She launched her company to help un-banked women in third world countries take financial responsibility for themselves. The response has been overwhelming with several countries and municipalities wanting to get involved.

There are 1.3 billion people living on less than $1.25 a day.
— Tricia Martinez

Bob Corbett | Fatso's Last Stand
Former CME trader, Bob Corbett, is now flipping char-dogs and burgers at two of Zagats top-rated places in Chicago. He is the working partner of Fatso's Last Stand, Lockdown and Frank Meats Patty. The company believes in offering top quality fare... at good prices... and it's working. They'll soon be opening their fourth restaurant.

I don’t have hotdogs anywhere else. If I go to another city, I have what they do best.
— Bob Corbett