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Re-examine all that you have been told.
— Walt Whitman

The personal beliefs each of us hold are born from many sources; our own research, the media and the entire process of socialization that shapes us and the way we perceive the world. When our beliefs are challenged, we question what doesn’t seem right. Each week, Tom Sosnoff and Dylan Ratigan journey down a path on tastytrade’s newest series “Truth or Skepticism” in search for legitimacy in some of the most widely debated topics in investing and finance.

Dylan, as the skeptic, asks Tom tough questions in hopes to validate common misconceptions for the passive investor (buy and hold/401K portfolio).

…when I take losses on my S&P Index fund, I have the capacity to assign responsibility for those losses away from myself. I did what I was supposed to do, it didn’t work, what am I supposed to do…
…I can get wiped out on a single trade, out of a stack of winning trades. That’s not going to happen in a passive structure but in an active structure, I get the wrong position and all my winners are powder and my principal is powder, seems like a lot of risk to bear.
— Dylan Ratigan

And Tom responds with truthful precision.

…blame is not a reason for not doing something, not having someone to blame.
…The risk of your passive portfolio going under some number…is greater than the black swan risk of your derivatives portfolio.
…I believe everybody…has an obligation to understand the world of finance, it’s a big part of our lives.
— Tom Sosnoff

We have all been advised that passive investing is the safe bet for your financial future, if you have ever questioned this, then it’s time to watch "Truth or Skepticism.” Dylan will ask the questions you’ll want to hear and Tom’s responses will open your eyes. The two will challenge you to think beyond traditional approaches to how you have been taught to invest.

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