“Tom Sosnoff thinks financial news can be both very funny and very profitable,” is the lead in the Reuters story on tastytrade today. “Sosnoff hopes his site will appeal to average investors and financial junkies alike,” writes Deborah Cohen, Small Business columnist for Reuters.

Here's a taste of the story.

“The way real wealth is created is through a logical, intellectual, strategic approach to investing,” said Sosnoff, 54. “The whole problem with investing for most people is they invest too big and start to panic out when they’re wrong by just a little bit – they don’t really understand that they’re going to be right.”

Here's another taste.

“I see what Tastytrade is doing as something that has monster growth potential,” said Nick Fenton, CEO of TickerTank, a provider of trading education and a merchant in the company’s online store. “These guys are explaining some basic and some advanced things, making perfect sense of them, showing people how to utilize their capital.”

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