To ring in 2016, check out some of the shows that made tastytrade the #1 financial network in 2015! We did that by changing the way that you think about your trading, your money, and your future. We know we’re doing that because these are not only some of the most-watched shows on our network, they also challenge viewers in ways traditional financial media doesn't.  

But you need to stay tuned in 2016. We’re going to continue to push the envelope to bring you new content you won’t find anywhere else, which is going to make you a smarter trader. Without further adieu, our top five videos from 2015!

1) Active Trading vs. 'Buy & Hold'

We've put out some exceptional studies about why we believe that everyone should be actively trading and fully engaged with the markets. 

However, if you have friends who are still stuck in the passive investing lane and pay a mutual fund manager to do something they can do themselves, send them this. This Market Measure episode just might change their mind and transform the way they invest.

2) Sold! The Lewis Borsellino Story

Our latest documentary, starring former floor trader Lewis Borsellino, has quickly become one of our most watched videos! 

Having grown up on Chicago's south side, Lewis Borsellino was tougher than most and earned a reputation in the pits for being an aggressive trader (he even accumulated the most fines for 'non businesslike' behavior). Despite a tough upbringing, 'Sold!' is the bittersweet story of a mobster's son who overcame moral adversity to become one of the largest S&P pit traders of all time.

3) Step Up To Options | An Intro To Options

As tastytrade grows, we are welcoming a lot of new traders to the family. Many came to us after trying to find useful information about options trading that just wasn't available anywhere else. We decided to solve that problem for them by creating Step Up To Options, a series designed to turn stock traders into "options traders in training".

This video has been one of our most shared videos from the series and it's easy to see why. It does a great job of breaking down why we actively invest in the market using options rather than relying on the probabilities that stock trading leaves us with.

If any of your friends are curious about options and the benefits of including them in their investment strategy, then have them watch Step Up To Options so they can get up to speed.

4) Scalping | A Statistical Approach

Never before has a quantitative approach been applied to scalping...that is, until our recent studies. If you've been looking for a new way to stay more engaged with the markets, it's time you try your hand at scalping!

This video provides a meaty introduction about scalping fundamentals using probabilities. It will help you to understand how we define scalping (hint: it isn't day trading or swing trading) and starts to break down the statistical approach that we've brought to the art form of scalping.

This video is the first in a series of seven. Catch the rest of this groundbreaking mini series here.

5) Top Dogs | Building A Core Portfolio

We get a lot of customers with portfolios in the range of $250K to $2.5 million who look for insights on how to build, trade, and manage these larger portfolios. We created a series to help bring a statistical approach to this type of management. The first video in the series lays out the premise of building out a core portfolio and gives a sneak preview of what's to come in the rest of the series.

Top Dogs is a 12-part series chocked full of great information so if you like this one, be sure to catch the other 11.

Bonus: Black Swan Fund

As a bonus, check out this episode of “You Gotta Be Kidding Me”, which covers the pitfalls of investing in hedge funds. Despite their claims to use statistics for investing, these funds don’t hold a candle to tastytrade. We pioneered using probabilities and volatility in trading, and share that information with you for free! No hedge fund fees required.  

There you have it, our most popular shows from 2015! If you thought those were good, just wait until you see what we dish up in the new year...

Happy trading!