The tastytrade research team is responsible for the creation of 2-3 segments every day, but that’s not their only job!

Whether it’s overseeing Chinese translation, providing backend data for dough or writing blog posts, the research team is involved all over the company. This does not mean that segments get neglected, Best Practices included! 

Best Practices is one of the quintessential segments for new and veteran tastytraders alike. For those of you who have not seen Best Practices, it's a segment in which Tom and Tony provide a breakdown of one particular aspect of the tastytrade trading philosophy. 

Whether it’s what to look for when exiting a trade or the methodology we use to scalp, Best Practices has got you covered.

But how do these segments come to life, and what’s the research team’s process to creating this segment? 

Best Practices is always a group effort; everybody looks at it at least once before it goes live.

Each episode begins with an idea. The research team reviews the archives to double and triple check that potential topics have not been covered in the past (which seems silly until you find out that there are hundreds of archived episodes of Best Practices available).

Once an idea germinates and the team agrees upon the topic, the real work begins. The traditional set up for a Best Practices is a Q&A for one specific topic, so the rule of thumb is one researcher, one question.

As with all our segments, a Google Presentation is shared so that all eyes are on the segment and everyone knows if their genius question has already been thought of.

Behind the scenes of the Best Practices Google presentation from  this  episode

Behind the scenes of the Best Practices Google presentation from this episode

After, 7 or 8 questions are down on “paper” it’s time to start coming up with answers. The key aspect of this portion of the process is to figure out ingenious visuals, the preference being a table, occasionally from a previous Market Measure.

These tables provide support for our points and add to the overall discussion at hand. Dough screenshots are also a must when talking about trading and what to look for; they make a regular appearance, helping to enhance the segment. After everyone has made their contribution and cross checked that their question isn’t too similar to anyone else’s, it's time for a final readthrough. After that, it gets shipped off to the graphics department and all dolled up and ready for the next day’s show.

Tune in every Monday at 8am to catch Best Practices!

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