Asking a tastytrade research team member to pick out their all-time favorite segment is like asking someone which child they love most…you just can’t do it. So what do those cheeky researchers do?

They turn to the numbers, presenting you with the top watched segments on tastytrade from the second half of 2014.

Anatomy Of A Trade – Earnings Plays (7/1/14)

Anatomy of a Trade is a segment that really allows people to get into the minds of Tom and the Bat (a scary thought)! This particular episode resonated with our audience due to the sheer scope of the trades analyzed.

We broke down the boys’ earnings trades from the two weeks leading up to the segment, winners and losers; we laid it all out on the table. It’s a twisted tale of profits and pitfalls, inverted strangles and in-the-money calls. However this tale has a happy ending, as it was a profitable two weeks of earnings for them.

Check out the segment and see how these two skillfully negotiate earnings.

Best Practices – Trading Checklist (10/20/14)

“There's a rat in mi kitchen what am I gonna do? There's a rat in mi kitchen what am I gonna go?”… that catchy UB40 intro can only mean one thing, Best Practices! This show is great for new and experienced traders alike breaking down the does and don’ts, as well as some tips and tricks of tastytrading.

This particularly popular episode takes a top down approach of what to look for when placing a trade, from liquidity to strategy.

It provides a great fundamental checklist for every level of trader.

Market Measures - Premium | Why Selling it Works (10/23/14)

The crème de la crème one of the greatest Market Measures we’ve ever created and tastynation’s viewership agrees! This one is for the naysayers and for a reminder to the devout, a testament to our bread and butter.

What this Market Measure’s looks at is one of our most expansive studies to date. We analyze nearly 300 occurrences of selling 1 standard deviation strangles in SPY and show that it is a profitable strategy even before accounting for implied volatility. Implied volatility is the icing on the cake, boosting our largest winners while increasing our success rate.

What Else Ya Got? – Theta Decay: A Visual Explanation (10/21/14)

Okay so, the title sort of ruins any surprises here. However, this was a fantastic segment to explain a rather difficult concept. Utilizing brand new, easy-to-read graphics, we broke down Theta every way we knew how to show that selling options at around 45 days is the way to go if your goal is maximizing your theta (which it should be)! We also show the theoretical reasoning for managing winners before expiration, which we’ve shown before in back testing studies.


So there you have it...some of the most popular segments over the last year. Check back in for updated lists on the blog!

What were your favorite tastytrade segments form 2014? Drop the link in the comments!