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Today, on a cold and slushy fourth day of February in the year 2015, tastynation's favorite "pretty boy trader" quit Twitter, and our own Tom Sosnoff is to blame.

Today's broadcast began and marched on in typical fashion - Vonetta schooled everyone on advances in robotic technology, Tony barked like a dog twice to emphasize a point, and Tom rolled his eyes every time $AAPL was mentioned in polite conversation. But then, several minutes into the broadcast, Tom dropped a snub that echoed around the world: he dissed Tony's social media presence right in the middle of Confirm and Send (fast-forward to about the 15-minute mark to catch the burn in all its glory). 

The BAT immediately released the following impassioned Tweet while still in the midst of the broadcast:

So why is Tony so upset? Because basically, Tom thinks his Tweets consist of recycled jokes and pointless banter. When asked to elaborate, Tom responded in a manner that we assume is the way people used to communicate before the Internet was invented:

Though Tom's entitled to his opinion, the question remains... do we want to live in a world devoid of Tweets from Tony Battista? I know I don't. So here's what YOU can do... show The BAT you want him back on Twitter by Retweeting the the Tweet below.

RT this and help us get Tony back on Twitter!