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John Calzaretta |BondingPoint/InOur.Community

John Calzaretta is the founder of BondingPoint and InOur.Community.  The company is a custom-branded and managed engagement platform focused on working with municipalities to address the growing need for a more robust exposure platform with local merchants.

Every municipality has captive rewards at their disposal where we can take advantage of.
— John Calzaretta

Dima Elissa| VisMed-3D

Dima Elissa is the CEO and co-founder of VisMed-3D.  The company is a global research and consulting firm that has emerged as the leader in for 3D biomedical design and printing.

I am an entrepreneur first. I look for opportunities that I can leverage, a technology and a passion that I might have.
— Dima Elissa

Adam Hirsen | SparkReel

Adam Hirsen is the co-founder and CEO of SparkReel. Their new product, UPSHOW, is a cutting edge social media display that boosts customer engagement with social media sharing.  It is a media screen for small businesses and events where people can send their photos from any smartphone or tablet directly to the screen.

We know that with social media...hundreds reach thousands, and thousands reach millions. That’s the beauty of social media.
— Adam Hirsen

Faraz Jaka | Traveling Poker Player

Poker professional, Faraz Jaka, also known as the "toilet" and the "homeless millionaire" has traveled the world for almost a decade playing in high-stakes poker tournaments.  He has accumulated over eight million dollars in winnings, and still has no place he calls home.  During his segment, he weighs in on the life of a world traveling poker player.

The reality of it is that a lot of these professional poker players are not that good.
— Faraz Jaka

Seth Zurer | Baconfest

Seth Zurer and three friends launched Baconfest Chicago seven years ago. Today, the festival has over 4,500 paying guests who taste small plates of bacon-enhanced food from over 175 chefs.

I have been interested in pork and bacon since I was a little kid—I associate with family and good feelings.
— Seth Zurer

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