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Christopher Donovan | Glunz Tavern

Christopher Donovan is the co-owner of Glunz Tavern, and The House of Glunz, one of the oldest wine shops in America...opened since 1888.  During prohibition, his great-grandfather closed the Tavern portion down in 1920.  Christopher and his mom re-opened the tavern after ninety-two years.

It’s just like everything else where technology has helped small companies to become versatile except with wine, where the biggest obstruction is with the regulations with shipping.
— Christopher Donovan

Michelle Joseph | People Foundry

Michelle Joseph is the founder of PeopleFoundry.  Along with her partner, Anne Schubert, they have grown the company by more than 100% since last year. The company recruits for technology and digital firms during high growth periods.

We still bootstrapped, and we are 100% referral based, and we don’t have a sales team.
— Michelle Joseph

Gabe Vehovsky |

Gabe Vehovsky is the founder and CEO of, a learning site which includes aggregated content form all across the internet, including long and short form, academics, amazing talks, and everything educational under the sun.  

You look at kids and everything makes them’s this notion of igniting curiosity for life-long learners.
— Gabe Vehovsky

Harper Reed | Modest

Harper Reed is the co-founder and CEO of Modest, a mobile commerce site which allows users to immediately receive goods and services with the click of a button. Harper, who is also a computer engineer, was also the CTO of the 2012 Obama Presidential Campaign.  

The idea of users...users are such an important part...without them I’d be in the street wandering around look for people to build things for.
— Harper Reed

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