Calling all tastytraders! Whether you consider yourself a long-time Bob the Trader user, or this is the first you are hearing about it, we wanted to take some time to introduce Bob the Trader’s newest features as well as give a quick refresh of all the things you can do with it!

If you’re just now learning about Bob the Trader, it is an app that delivers real-time market info and curated research to inspire new trade ideas!

So, who's this know-it-all named Bob? (Hint: think options mastermind, or thinkorswim, or tastytrade, or dough...) Tom. That's right, Tom = Bob. Don't ask questions, just go with it. We're in the process of confirming with his mom that he really wanted to be named Bob while growing up. So anyway...

Once you download the app and choose a Bob the Trader subscription, all of this can be yours...literally at your fingertips. Here’s more details:

1) Get a pre-market report emailed to you every morning.

This includes information on underlyings with upcoming earnings. That's right, you can peruse the list in your pj's while drinking your morning coffee! This information will help you get to fighting form for when the market opens.

2) Receive information each day on underlyings with high IVR.

You'll also get another pre-market report that details which underlyings have high Implied Volatility Rank that day. Even more reason to relax, because we're doing all the dirty work for you. We're finding those stocks with high implied volatility all on their own - no earnings event on the horizon, just rich premium to sell. Our tastytrade research team laboriously parsed out all the data so you don't have to! Here's an example report*:

* Please note this is strictly an example of a past report and is not a trading recommendation.

* Please note this is strictly an example of a past report and is not a trading recommendation.

3) Follow all of Tom’s trades placed in his margin account in real-time.

4) Follow all of Tom’s IRA trades.

5) Follow Tom’s Team’s trades.

Tom's Team, also known as tastytrade's research team, are the masterminds behind the daily reports and much of the research presented in our segments. Still don't know who we're talking about? They're the guys on 'The Pitch'! Oh, yeah, now it clicks for you...

6) Listen (and/or watch) tastytrade’s broadcast live during market hours!

I know what you’re thinking. All of this sounds amazing, so where can you get the app? It’s available for download in The Apple Store, Google Play and on

Already have the app and now you're looking to renew? You can purchase a new subscription directly from the tastytrade website! And, as an added bonus, you can use your store credits towards a subscription. *If you have valid store credits, they'll be listed on your My Stuff page. 


What do you like about the Bob The Trader app? Are there other features you'd like us to add? Let us know by emailing or by leaving us a comment below!