Calling all tastytraders!! If you want to watch and/or listen to Tom and Tony on-the-go, we recommend that you give the tastytrade mobile app a quick download!

With this free app, you can watch the show live from your phone during market hours, as well as catch up on any episodes you missed or just want to re-watch...anytime. Not bad, right??

Also, if you have an Android, you can now share segments with all of your friends. The feature allows Android tastytrade users to share content via email, text, and multiple social channels. 

And if you need more ideas of how to integrate the tastytrade app into your day, we've thought of a few:

- Watch Daily Dose with Vonetta, Tom and Tony on your train ride to work

- Catch up with Liz and JNY during your lunch break

- See what Ryan is teaching new traders on the Webinar on your way home

- Cook dinner while watching and/or listening to Market Measures

- Snuggle up on your couch with Truth or Skepticism with Dylan Ratigan

Tom and Tony are dropping so much knowledge, you don't want to miss a beat. 

And the tastytrade app will help you do that! You can download it on iOS and Android, on smartphones and tablets. 

What do you think of the app? Reach out to or leave a comment for us below!