Exciting announcement: tastytrade launched a new show this week with Dylan Ratigan and Vonetta Logan. The two cover a "long" list of topics in a "short" amount of time...ranging from campaign finance, journalism, the drought, among others. So here are some of the highlights, as well as the full segment below!

Are Snapchat & Buzzfeed the future of journalism?

Dylan says that pure journalism no longer exists, and that people should get on Twitter and follow the president.

Have we become too PC?

Vonetta declares that political correctness is killing comedy right now, and she and Dylan agree that shows like All in the Family and In Loving Color would not be done in 2015, because people are so afraid of offending others.

Is traditional retirement a thing of the past?

While they both agree that traditional retirement is no longer something people do, Vonetta says people keep working, but move to part-time or cut back on hours, because they don’t have enough money saved up. Whereas Dylan believes, regardless of how much money someone has, that the human brain needs engagement and people need to continue working.

They also cover privatizing the space industry, campaign finance, and try to figure out solutions for the drought in the US. Watch the full segment below!

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