Howdy friends (Just go with it, I’ve been on a “western” kick lately)! It’s your favorite Irish “Back to Cool” co-host, Katie, here to announce our latest project!

Ryan, who you may recognize from The Webinar and I had a blast working on our “Things to Know” series last fall, and decided to hop back in the saddle (see, I told you) to get our fans some more helpful trading tips!

While working on tastytrade/dough support the last few years, Ryan and I have fielded TONS of questions and comments from our viewers. We’ve heard everything from “What’s the song playing right now?” to “I’m getting tested on my first Strangle—HALP!” So finally, we decided to take to YouTube to tackle some of our most recent comments and most frequently asked questions!

Our #Asktastytrade series is a candid, behind the scenes view of tastytrade and dough, giving you trading insight while getting an uncensored look at how Ryan, myself and other team members work (and play) in our awesome Chicago studio!

We’re not experts, but being in the presence of Tom and Tony everyday, we DO know a thing or two about options trading mechanics and Vonetta’s rituals before recording the latest “Nailed It!” Our responses are a matter of personal opinion, but we certainly hope you find them helpful and somewhat enjoyable!

So do yourself a favor: boot scoot n boogie (last one, I promise) on over to the first #Asktastytrade video (it's also below)! Get all of those nagging questions in your head answered by our team! And then, share it with your friends and give it a thumbs up! The more engaged you are, the more videos we’ll roll out! 

Have more questions for Ryan and me? Head on over to our tastytrade YouTube page and drop us a line! We may even feature your comment on our next installment of #asktastytrade!