Howard Tullman, founder of 1871, a non-profit startup in Chicago, dropped by our studio today to sit down with co-founder of tastytrade Tom Sosnoff and veteran options trader Tony Battista, for a monthly segment called What I'm Thinking. Today, these great minds discussed up-and-coming, innovative ideas that could change our daily lives. Will we be seeing Tom Sosnoff cruising in a car that drives itself? Tullman believes it’s only a matter of time before this idea is widely embraced by the masses.

Tullman, Sosnoff and Battista begin the conversation reminiscing the good old days, when all you needed were Columbia vinyls and a couple pairs of blue jeans. Oh, how times have changed.

Currently, companies communicate 90% of their information to us via written text; however, humans learn visually 90% of the time. Tullman introduces Tom and Tony to a new computer system capable of sifting through huge swaths of written information then complying the highlights into a personal video. These analytical machines also add audio to the personal videos to enhance the viewer’s experience.

As history has told us, technology will continue to cater to our needs. It may seem outlandish, but so does anything groundbreaking at first, right?

See the segment below:

I believe many futuristic inventions, that were previously considered sci-fi, have become essentials in our everyday lives. Who would have thought 10 years ago that most Americans would have a computer in their pocket today? On the other hand, many far-fetched ideas came to tease the public, only to crash and burn. Whatever you envision the future to hold, the ideas Howard Tullman presents on this segment are worth a watch.  

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