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Dr. Pardeep Athwal | Orunje

Dr. Pardeep Athwal is the Founder of Orunje. The company provides an online platform, connecting people and local healthcare providers where you can skip the hassle of traditional office visits, having a licensed physician make a house call to you home or office.

Our whole passion, our goal is to bridge the gap...we have to wait in a doctor’s office for a couple of hours, an emergency room for a couple of hours...why can’t we have a doctor come to our home in a couple of hours.
— Dr. Pardeep Athwal

Joe Aurelio | Aurelio's Pizza

Joe Aurelio took over his father's business in 2001. The very first Aurelio’s Pizza restaurant opened on Ridge Road in Homewood, IL in 1959. Today, the place seats 600, and there are now 41 Aurelio's Pizza places in the U.S.

[On why Aurelio’s is so successful:] “It’s the sauce that makes the’s homemade slightly sweet. Young people and older people... it sits well with all of them when they’re eating it.
— Joe Aurelio

Todd Heyden | SportsLock

Todd Heyden is the co-founder of SportsLock. They are a disruptor in the fantasy sports market where you can customizable your fantasy sports experience unlike the other major players in the space.

I cannot live without sports...I’ve been playing fantasy sports since I was eight years dad, myself and my grandfather shared a team.
— Todd Heyden

Al Goldstein | Avant

Al Goldstein is the co-founder of Avant, an online personal loan lender that offers personal loans and lines of credit. 

Their computer modeling also helps to speed up the process of applying for a loan and receiving money, and as a result the company claims it can fund users within a day.

I emulate what I see as amazing success. I have been very fortunate to work with amazing people.
— Al Goldstein

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