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Paul Lencioni | Blue Goose Market

Paul Lencioni is the managing partner of his family business, Blue Goose Market. It is an 87 year-old grocery store that has survived and flourished with great customer service and incredible homemade foods.  Paul Lencioni is the fourth generation great grandson who runs the company.

I’m in the store every day of my life. If you don’t love hanging out with people you’re doing the wrong thing.
— Paul Lencioni

Phil Harris | Geofeedia

Phil Harris is the CEO and Founder of Geofeedia.  The company is the leader in location-based, open source, social media monitoring.  They have received over 10 patents in the last year alone, growing seven-fold over that time period.

We aggregate many data sources, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram...many sources, and our specific niche is understanding those trends by place....that’s our specific value proposition.
— Phil Harris

PJ Bickett & Shanon Marks | MU/DAI

PJ Bickett & Shanon Marks are the co-founders of MU/DAI. The company is a design firm helping businesses craft their most important customer experiences through practical innovation.

If you come up with the greatest idea ever, it takes six years to bring it to market.
— Shanon Marks

Lori Diversey | CaveChick

Lori Diversey is the founder of CaveChick.  The company's mission is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy great health. They aim to inspire people to educate themselves around the foods they choose to eat and the effects those foods have on their body and immune system.

I changed my diet and my family’s diet in the 90’s...I found out the food I was eating kept my family on antibiotics.
— Lori Diversey

Allison Lepper | Bacino's

Allison Lepper is the culinary Director at Bacino's, a Chicago eatery chain that specializes in Italian food and pizza. Two years ago, Allison transformed it into more than just a pizza place. 

The food has to taste great and the staff has to be enjoyable. We treat you like you’re at your home.
— Allison Lepper

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