In 2015, we had about 250 entrepreneurs walk through our Chicago studio doors to be on our Bootstrapping In America segment. They've shared their stories, their inspiration...and a lot of laughter and good times in the studio. We like this segment a lot because we get to talk to entrepreneurs from Chicago and beyond and hear from the brightest minds in a variety of industries. We love all our guests, but here are some of our favorite interviews:

Kristen Holman - Pay Your Selfie

Kristen Holman is the co-founder of Pay Your Selfie. Pay Your Selfie connects brands with consumers using selfies as the medium. They pay cash for selfies, turning social currency into real dollars. A funny highlight from the interview below is that she took a selfie with Tom and Tony. As they were gathering together for the photo, Tony said to Tom "keep your clothes on".

Mert Iseri - Swipesense

Mert Iseri is the co-founder and CEO of SwipeSense. The company is a data analytics platform that measures and improves hand hygiene compliance in hospitals. Founded in 2012, SwipeSense has raised $12.2M. This is a favorite because it was one of the funniest and most fun interviews. In case you missed it, catch up here!

Doug Sohn - Hot Doug's

Hot diggity-dog! Doug Sohn, creator of Hot Doug's, a Chicago hot dog restaurant beloved by local Chicagoans, stopped by the studio. The dignitary of encased meats caught up with Tom and Tony to talk about Hot Doug's and what he's been up to these days.

Jim Snediker and Tim Tierney from Stock Mfg

Jim & Tim are co-founders of Stock Mfg. They design and produce premium garments and sell them directly to the public without middlemen. And on their tastytrade segment, they were kind enough to bring outfits for the men in the office to try on which spurred an entertaining fashion show. And yes, we caught it on tape here!

What were your favorite Bootstrapping in America interviews this year? And have you seen Bootstrapping 3 in features quick tips to be successful in business from our very own Bootstrapping in America guests. Watch it here on!