Now, the Bob the Trader portfolio with its percentage of winning trades may or may not have been profitable depending on execution prices, commissions and whether you did some or all of the trades.  

But first, a baseball analogy. Last year, Kris Bryant made his Major League Baseball debut with the Chicago Cubs. Bryant’s rookie season was pretty memorable, hitting .275 on his way to winning NL Rookie of the Year. He had an on-base percent of 36.9%. Two-thirds of Bryant’s at-bats resulted in him reaching base. That’s impressive.

Imagine for a moment, if at the end of next season, Bryant turned in a batting average of .500. He’d be the odds-on favorite for MVP.

But what if, instead of 559 plate appearances, Bryant had more than 9200? And what if instead of hitting .500, he hit an astounding .770? Chicago might consider renaming itself, well, Bryant.

Achieving 77% at most anything is pretty impressive (with obvious exceptions such as successful bypass surgeries performed, or in my case, number of marriages lasting longer than a baseball season). Still, 77% is the number of winning trades last year on Bob the Trader. That’s right, 77%. He may lack the notoriety of someone like Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago, but tastytrade’s, Tom “Sos Grande” Sosnoff had a great on-base percentage (hey, it’s my first post and a little ass-kissing never hurts job security). What’s more remarkable, Tom managed that 77% while somehow maintaining his amazing physique (so much for that job security).

While we can’t share how Tom maintains his physique (it’s a closely-guarded secret), we can share his trades with you. By subscribing to Bob the Trader, you can gain real-time access to all of Tom’s trades, 24 hours a day (and when we say 24 hours, we mean 24 hours), five days a week.

We also offer an IRA version of Bob, cleverly enough known as, Bob’s IRA (that’s what happens when Jules is asked to come up with a creative name). Of Bob’s 750 total IRA trades in 2015, 74% were profitable.

For a complete recap of Bob The Trader’s 2015 performance, watch this episode of Forward Slash with Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista. To learn more about becoming a Bob subscriber, click here. We also have a tastytrade blog post about Bob the Trader...there's pictures!

Josh Fabian has been trading futures and derivatives for more than 25 years.