Bootstrapping In America is tastytrade's spotlight on the best and brightest of the entrepreneurial community in Chicago and beyond. Meet the innovative men and women leading the companies featured in this week's episodes!

Ben Pavlovic & Nicole Duhoski I VineSprout

Ben Pavlovic & Nicole Duhoski are the co-founders of VineSprout. They are a PR firm specializing in startups in Chicago, and from around the country. They have established themselves as one of the go-to PR firms for tech startups in Chicago.

Todd Barancik | SnackItToMe

Todd Barancik is the founder and CEO of SnackItToMe. They offer healthy snack plans that meet the needs of each client on a subscription based model. Their subscription based-model includes weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly options.

Raman Chadha | The Junto Institute

Raman Chadha is the founder and CEO of The Junto Institute. The Junto Institute is the a nine-month apprenticeship-based curriculum that taps into the wisdom of seasoned entrepreneurs and CEOs, helping company leaders grow faster than the growth of their companies.

Tricia Montgomery | K9 Fit Club

Tricia Montgomery founded K9 Fit Club® in 2012.  K9 Fit Club is the nation’s first facility for both humans and canines alike. She was inspired when her veterinarian told her that both her an her pet were both in bad health.  She proceeded to lose 130 lbs., and created the club.  She now has 180 certified K9 fitness experts.

Joe Collins | Markr

Joe Collins is the co-founder of Markr. They are the pioneers of the “visual hashtag” which gives companies the power to brand photos and videos with logos or visual hashtags. You can even create branded photos using your favorite company brands. 

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