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Dave Braner | Newton's Cube
Dave Braner is making corporate team building fun, engaging, and extremely successful using his recent startup, Newton's Cube. They train corporate teams to work together by merging cutting edge training with interactive experience-based learning techniques. In a very short period of time, several high-profile companies have flocked to Newton's Cube.

The traditional team building space doesn’t have a lot of innovation.
— Dave Braner

Liz Tilatti | ZipFit
Liz Tilatti founded ZipFit Denim in 2011. The company assists men in finding their best fitting jeans using ZipFit's proprietary technology. Starting as an affiliate website, ZipFit quickly transformed into an independent e-tailer. They make shopping for men easy as pie.

We get men out of their mom jeans, and into stylish jeans that are comfortable.
— Liz Tilatti

Sanjay Patel | Personify
Sanjay Patel is not only a professor at the University of Illinois, but he is the co-founder and CEO of Personify. The company brings state-of-the art 3D visuals, partnering with Intel, using their RealSense 3D camera, to mobile meetings on a variety of devices.  

Students want somebody(faculty) who is relevant, who knows technology and business.
— Sanjay Patel

Rob Rebholz | SpaceWays
Rob Rebholz is the co-founder and Managing Director of SpaceWays. The company is disrupting the storage space by offering on-demand pick up and delivery of customer belongings, packed in plastic wrapped bins, and supplied by the company. Can you imagine not have to schlep back and forth to the storage lockers? In less than a year the company has grown exponentially and is already in four of the largest populated cities in the world. Why didn't I think of this?

There are different challenges in every country you do business in, but the U.S. is very friendly.
— Rob Rebholz

Laura Martinez | La Diosa
Laura Martinez is a Chef who just happens to be blind. Last month she became the first visually impaired chef to open her own restaurant, La Diosa. She was trained at Le Cordon Bleu, and worked with the highly acclaimed chef, the late Charlie Trotter, in Chicago. Her story is one of the most inspirational stories we've ever had on the show.

I’m just more focused since I can’t see anything. I have to depend on my smell and taste.
— Laura Martinez

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