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David Geslak | Exercise Connection

David Geslak is the founder of the Exercise Connection.  The Exercise Connection educates families on the vitality of exercise in the lives of individuals with autism.  David has authored the Autism Fitness Handbook 1 & 2, and has spoken all over the world on the subject.

Because of technology, because we know that these children respond to the application, we spent the last year building this app.
— David Geslak

Dusty Folwarczny | Ink Factory Studios

Dusty Folwarczny is a sculptor and the co-founder of the Ink Factory Studio. Their mission is to create visual experiences that inspire and engage.  Their motto is; "Simply put… You talk. We draw. It’s awesome." 

People just love watching people draw...when someone has a talent you just really enjoy seeing the expression of that.
— Dusty Folwarczny

Scott Mandell | Enjoy Life Foods

Scott Mandell is the Founder and CEO of Enjoy Life Foods. The company was launched in 2001, when they saw the growing need for foods that cater to people with food sensitivities far ahead of current trends. 

What really makes us unique is that our products are free of all common allergies.
— Scott Mandell

Hope Bertram | Digital Megaphone

Hope Bertram is the founder of Digital Megaphone, an event company that specializes in bringing together brand bloggers and marketers to educate and advise them on the latest trends in social media strategies.

Partners in marketing does really have to try a new channel and see how it works.
— Hope Bertram

Kristi Zuhlke | KnowledgeHound

Kristi Zuhlke is the CEO and co-founder of KnowledgeHound.  They are positioned to change how Fortune 500 companies use their market research and leverage their collective data knowledge.

They’re not technology companies...we have a really sophisticated technology solution.
— Kristi Zuhlke

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