Bootstrapping In America is tastytrade's spotlight on the best and brightest of the entrepreneurial community in Chicago and beyond. Meet the innovative men and women leading the companies featured in this week's episodes!

Sunil Sharma | Extreme Venture Partners

Sunil Sharma is the Managing Partner with Extreme Venture Partners. They are one of Canada's most active seed-stage venture capital funds. They focus on disruptive opportunities in mobile, cloud, data and the internet-of-things.

Peter Wilkins | Hyde Park Angels

Peter Wilkins is the Managing Director of Hyde Park Angels. They are the largest and most active angel group in the Midwest with over 100 successful entrepreneurs, executives and venture capitalists as their members.

Nick Cromydas | Hunt Club

Nick Cromydas is the founder and CEO of Hunt Club. They are a referral recruiting company based in Chicago, offering leveraged influencers to assist in generating referrals for open positions. 

Andrew Nadhir | Purple Gator & Steven De Mar | Leading Edge Design

Andrew Nadhir (Purple Gator) and Steven De Mar (Leading Edge Design) have teamed to create the first casino slot machine games for Apple Smartwatches. They are primed to lead the smartwatch gaming boom.

Jill Salzman | The Founding Moms

Jill Salzman is the founder of The Founding Moms®. They are all things for mom entrepreneurs with meetings, online resources, and collaborative interaction. They launched in 2012 and shortly acquired 500 members. Three years later, they are 8000 strong and growing.

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