Hi! Nick Battista here with my first blog post leading up to my first show on the tastytrade network. Starting Monday, July 6th, 2015, I'll be hosting “Where Do I Start: Bat vs. Bat” with my dad Tony Battista.

I graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in economics and started working as an analyst for an investment company that purchased debt portfolios from major banks. After doing that for three years, at the age of 25, I began to realize that my first job would not be my last and that now was the time to take some risk and explore other opportunities. In June, I had the opportunity to join the team to learn how to manage my finances independently as an options trader. So... I immediately jumped at the chance!

My background in trading is limited to what I heard at the dinner table with my dad when I was younger. In college I opened up a paper money account, but never furthered my understanding of trading past simply buying and selling stocks. I have always been a monetarily motivated individual, so I know I will be able to bring passion to the learning experience. I am excited to work through the learning curve and share my journey with all of you!

Tune in to Nick’s show starting Monday, July 6 at 2pm CST and learn the options trading basics with him!