Tom Sosnoff & Dylan Ratigan return once again for an update on a few issues that continue to linger - commodities, market extremes & bond prices. The guys weigh in on these topics and discuss things they are weary of, as well as opportunities that may present themselves.


In one of the greatest, most opportunistic markets (2009) did the Fed really help you?
— Tom Sosnoff

Tom & Dylan compare today’s market extreme to that of 2008. Are there any similarities? What is the fed saying about today’s market compared to markets of the past?

Would new financial institutions emerge after 2008 with or without the Fed?
— Dylan Ratigan


Corporate debts/prices are falling, yields are rising. This is a divergence from Treasury Bonds, what does this mean for TRADERS?
— Dylan Ratigan

Dylan notices some things happening in the bond market, and also things happening outside the bond market that are perceived to be tied to it. What is the explanation for this? Tom & Dylan try and hash it out.

We shouldn’t think “Why is this happening?” We should think about this as ‘Where’s the opportunity?’
— Tom Sosnoff


Climate conference in Paris, new political leadership in leading countries, WITH lousy prices in commodities right now. Is there a trade to be derived from the politics and these extremes?
— Dylan Ratigan

Tom & Dylan break down all of the interesting aspects of commodities & resources these days. What are the best plays from their perspective?

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