In this episode of Truth or Skepticism, Tom Sosnoff and Dylan Ratigan once again partake in a spirited debate on a spectrum of issues, including government regulation in IRAs to market normalization given the recent selloff. Can America shift thinking from a passive investing culture to an active one? Is the financial market behavior capable of dissuading the Federal Reserve from changing rates? Find out the answers to these questions by reading our highlights below and watching the episode here!

What’s your interpretation of the selloff?

Tom says he's not too worried about the selloff. In his mind, why should anyone be remotely surprised by a minuscule selloff? This isn’t a 30% move like China. If this CONTINUES from here, somewhere between 10-15% pullback would be more reasonable to expect and would be worth talking about at that point.

Asset Gathering & Passive Investing

Dylan points out to Tom that a lot of people out there don’t know anything other than passive investing. He then asks Tom how to explain the alternatives to an unknowing populace.

The technology, the content, the product access is free. The EXCUSES are what cost money.
— Tom Sosnoff

Federal Reserve - Rate Hike Whispers for September 

Dylan and Tom discuss rumors of the Fed raising their rates.

My speculation is that the market sells off, the feds see what will happen if they raise rates, so they don’t, and then the market comes back.
— Dylan Ratigan


On Retirement and Restricting the Use of Options & Futures in IRA Accounts 

I tell a 25-year-old to go put their money in the stock market because the lessons learned will be valuable for a lifetime.
— Tom Sosnoff

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