What’s up tastytraders! This week I’m talking about our other tastytrade apps. You know ‘em, you love ‘em... but how do you use ‘em? Last week I was talking Bob the Trader, now here are some questions we see often about our other awesome apps, Where’s Bob? and the tasytrade app!

Where’s Bob?

If you haven’t already downloaded this app, DO IT! This gem allows you to connect with other tastytraders in your area! If you’re looking to make some new trader buddies, check it out. With the new update that came out this week, you can see our newest features.

A question I’ve seen a lot about this app is how do you add a profile picture? In order to have a profile photo within the app, you have to register with one of your social accounts. So that photo you just made your new Facebook profile picture, you know, the one where your hair is just perfect, that will be carried over to Where’s Bob!

After you have registered, you can see other users in the new extended 128 mile radius... that’s a lot of ground! Or this other awesome new feature that will allow you to control your level of visibility! Want people to see your exact location? Or just want people to know you’re in the area by using the discoverable mode? You can decide! Adjust your search range and privacy settings by visiting your profile page.



Getting Tom and Tony, and the rest of the tastytrade crew, in the palm of your hand has never been easier! That is unless you have your very own Tom and Tony squishy heads! Watch or listen to the show live on our app or check out our archived shows.

To watch the archived shows on iPhone, iPad, or Android device, click the three squares in the top right corner to reveal a drop down list of our shows, you'll be able to scroll through until you find the show you can’t miss!


You can also scroll through the list of shows by using the arrows seen on the live video player on the home screen in the app.


You asked and we were happy to oblige: tastytrade and dough wallpapers for your mobile device! You can download them now for your iPhone and Android devices!

Wallpapers for iPhone

Wallpapers for Android

Now that you’ve pimped out your mobile device, want to win some tastytrade swag? Send us a Tweet using the hashtag #asktastytrade, with a question for support, by Friday July 24th at 3pm CST. We’ll be picking the best question and you’ll win one of our limited edition Trade Hacks t-shirts and some tastytrade & dough decals! Your questions will be answered by two of your favorite follow traders, Katie from Where Do I Start: Trading Futures with Katie and Ryan from The Webinar, all on our tastytrade YouTube network! Submit your questions today!

Have more questions for me or my colleagues on support? Email us at support@tastytrade.com!