Rising Stars is a tastytrade show where some of tastytrade’s biggest fans come on the show to share their success stories trading options. Read the post below and watch the segment included here to learn more about Steven from Atlanta!

Years trading: 14

Do you have a job outside of trading?

I work in marketing for a company that helps people with their relationships.

Why did you start trading?

I was working at a summer job and they would play financial news talk radio. They said something like, ‘if you start investing at 15, you’ll be a millionaire by retirement. So I started reading up on it.”

Why do you like trading?

It’s a game to me. It’s like points on a video game. I make about 2-3 trades a day.

How did you have the discipline to stop trading when you were so into it?

I went to college and I stayed busy while there. I thought I wanted to be either a trader or a doctor. I took the MCAT, got straight A’s, and then decided to pick trading back up again.

Would you do it all over again?

Absolutely. It made me who I am. I wouldn’t be as compassionate, understanding, as willing to forgive. I don’t think I would appreciate my friends and family. There was a year where I lived out of my car and that changed me a lot.

What do you like about tastytrade?

Everything. The research is just unbelievable. It’s beyond leading edge. It’s so ahead of its time. I almost don’t think people are ready for you yet because of how far ahead of the curve you are.

What’s your favorite tastytrade segment?

Market Measures, and I like Liz and JNY. And I also liked Tom and Case's Where Do I Start series- it’s like Netflix bender...that show really helped me learn.

What are your favorite strategies? How often do you trade?

I like strangles, or I’ll sell a put or a call. Sometimes I’ll trade verticals to save capital.

Advice for new traders?

Find your why. Are you doing this because you love trading or because you want to make money, or some other reason? The how will take care of itself.

On the segment with Tom and Tony, you said that you would give the profits you made while trading to charity- what type of charity?

Child abuse, human trafficking. We gotta fix those.