Chicago, IL — tastytrade was honored as the 2013 People’s Choice by Chicago Innovation Awards, recognizing the company’s unique and groundbreaking work in financial media and technology.  30,000 votes were tallied for 100 finalists for People’s Choice (out of 562 nominations), and tastytrade emerged on top.

“We’re proud to be chosen as People’s Choice,” said Tom Sosnoff, CEO of tastytrade.  “We work hard to bring a completely different approach to financial media and investor engagement that we think will have a real impact on people’s finances.  And we have a lot of fun doing it.  But being voted People’s Choice is a huge validation of what we’re doing.”  tastytrade offers eight hours of live programming a day with content ranging from beginner to advanced — all for free.  “We are  the exact opposite of the talking heads of traditional  financial media and hide-bound, pay-for-play Wall Street analysts.  We trade for a living, and show viewers in real-time how they can make smart trades with a high probability of making money with small amounts of capital.  We are revolutionizing how people are investing their money.  The People’s Choice Award tells us we’re doing something right.”

Chicago Innovation Awards aims to make Chicago a hub of innovation by igniting a new narrative for the region, and strengthening its economic future and communities.