The Long & Short [of it] is an original tastytrade series starring tastytrade’s very own Vonetta Logan and the New York Times best-selling author and former CNBC host Dylan Ratigan. The duo cycle through contemporary political, social, and economic issues in a sophisticated and thought provoking way.

On each Long & Short [of it], Dylan and Vonetta select six different topics and must present both of their arguments and a solution for each topic within two minutes! That’s right. They are solving the world’s problems 120 seconds at a time!

On some of these issues, Dylan and Vonetta hold opposing viewpoints, but nonetheless, they both consistently support their stances with empirical facts. After debating each issue, Vonetta and Dylan provide a conclusion that leaves the viewer questioning the world around them.

For instance, the newest media trend is the development of mobile apps and online sites created for a younger generation. This new hybrid of media giants generate alarming concerns - are these outlets like Snapchat and Buzzfeed the future of journalism?

Dylan Ratigan believes these attention-grabbing sources spew useless information that goes viral, and as a result, infiltrates and clouds the young generation's minds with worthless hoopla.

I think that the entire thing [new-age journalism] is really an exercise in manipulating human attention in order to convert it into money.
— Dylan Ratigan

In other words, as Dylan understands journalism - the presentation of events in the form of facts, opposed to expression of opinion - is dead.

Vonetta agrees with Dylan and they offer an alternative that could be a valuable substitute. Twitter can be used as a source of factual information, because people’s real-time, unmanipulated comments and reactions continuously surround the day’s hottest events.

In addition to this powerful discussion, the latest segment also prompts questions about campaign finance reform, political correctness, the California drought crisis, Americans’ retirement, and the privatized space industry.

Often times, the conclusions held by Dylan and Vonetta suggest that those afflicted by the issues, (in most cases, the entire American public) should take action.

On the previous episode, “Sports & Politics: Which is more Corrupt?”, Vonetta and Dylan discuss whether or not people can ever truly “unplug” from work. Vonetta quickly takes over the conversation and direction of the topic, by saying,

The greatest crime perpetrated against American workers [is] wage theft.
— Vonetta Logan

This young comedian, entertainer, social activist will not stand for hours of uncompensated work via email, texting, and phone calls while away from the office.

Regardless of your views, The Long & Short [of it] presents thoughtful debate from the hosts, neither of whom have an alternative agenda... unlike most of your news sources.

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