tastytrade CEO and “Get Tasted” co-host Tom Sosnoff is a guest columnist in Barron’s this week. Investing Need Not Be a Toss of the Dice is the title of the article. Tom makes it simple:

“So what is investing all about? Probabilities and strategy. That’s it. It’s about limiting your upside in return for a higher probability of success, and then it’s about managing your winners.”

How can you learn about investing according to probabilities and strategy? At tastytrade, of course. Not a member? Start your trial today or, better, visit tastytrade.com and find out how you can get tastytrade free for two years and take control of your finances. As Tom writes in Barron’s:

“Using strategies with defined reward and high probabilities is the only reliable way to build personal wealth, earn higher returns on capital, make draw downs less frequent and less severe, and be more certain of keeping your money.”