Early on in his life, Tom Sosnoff was a bad gambler. Like most people, he took risk without understanding the likely outcomes, and as a result, he failed. What separates Tom from the rest of the pack was he learned from these experiences, and now understands how to identify and quantify risk. Where most people see failure, Tom sees opportunity. Tom Sosnoff believes success is impossible without taking on risk.  

Tom recently gave a Tedx Talk at the University of Chicago. During his presentation, he cited personal examples of his experiences, when he passively took on risk. Tom believes, if a person can understand risk, they are capable of seizing opportunities that would otherwise pass them by.

Today, Tom Sosnoff boasts the creation of the trading platform thinkorswim, and tastytrade, the fastest growing financial media in the world. He owes it all to his previous experiences with risk.

Tom’s concern, however, is the fact that the current generation is inherently risk averse, which is why we are currently experiencing the lowest level of entrepreneurship in the last 30 years.

Watch his full presentation here:

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