When longtime personal friend and style guru Tom Sosnoff approached me and asked me to create a series of films with shortcuts, tips, and calculations for trading better, I was intrigued. After much contemplation, I decided the time was right to return to my bailiwick: creating highly viral, entertaining, informative videos about options trading. My blessing, my curse!

As a famous writer/director perhaps better known for seclusion than box office success, I knew the first thing I had to do was get a major star to sign onto the project I had by then tentatively titled #TRADEHACKS.

I took a series of less-than-ideal commuter trains and public buses to Illinois to wine and dine the only man for the job: Antonin “The BAT” Battista.

Over Beluga caviar, Dom Pérignon, and a hot dog from Portillo’s, I convinced the BAT that this project would be the culmination of all his years of trading.

Our shoot was as brutally efficient as the #TRADEHACKS themselves. Battista brought his inimitable style and flair, allowing me simply to bear witness to what will be remembered as a titanic performance for the ages. The exacting standards to which I hold my crew of reclusive Sherpa artisans is well known among celluloid devotees, and suffice it to say, they all delivered once again.

One often asks what it takes to create great art. To me, it is the same as trading options. How to trade better and how to create a film are merely opposite sides of the same coin-question. I set out to craft a series of shortcuts that would help investors better understand options trading and I feel that mission is accomplished. 

#TRADEHACKS is a project that will forever live in my heart, one that hopefully brings joy and profit to all who encounter it, and, even more importantly, one that tastytraders near and far can enjoy when placing their trades.

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