Dylan Ratigan & Scott Sheridan are back again, and they kick it off with a hindsight view of their last discussion on volatility. Scott basically called the IV spike, and now they reflect on how anything can happen so you have to be prepared. They touch on Greece & China and the similarities and differences between the two situations. Asset managers are also brought up - how important is search engine optimization in their efforts to obtain more capital? Check out the full video at the bottom of the article, or read the preview below!


The nice thing about being short is that the payoffs are quick because down moves are usually fierce.
— Scott Sheridan

Dylan & Scott recap what has happened over the past two weeks with volatility, and what to look for going forward. Scott senses that the party is almost over!

How does the psychology differ now from two weeks ago?
— Dylan Ratigan


I’m not saying Greece is an isolated situation, we still could see spillover into other countries... it still doesn’t have an impact on us.
— Scott Sheridan

Scott believes the media is blowing up this issue, as it has essentially no affect on the US markets. Does the issue lie with how the eurozone will handle the situation, more than the economic impact itself?

Tolerating that behavior (borrowing money you have no intention to pay back), does that erode confidence in the overall structure that is the Eurozone?
— Dylan Ratigan


When markets are going up, there is no excuse... that’s just how it’s supposed to be. When the markets are down, everybody wants heads to roll.
— Scott Sheridan

Dylan & Scott discuss the radical movements in the Chinese market and how not much attention is drawn to this anymore because of the situation in Greece. They highlight a few things to take away from this, and also compare this to the Greece debacle.


It forces us to face our own reality check - how much integrity has there been in the rally since 2008?
— Dylan Ratigan

Dylan speculates that fear in Greece and fear in China may cause the US markets to conduct our own reality check. How much longer can this rally since 2008 sustain? Scott thinks that the party is over based on activity in the bond market.

In our country, I think the decimation is truly going to be in the debt holders.
— Scott Sheridan


Asset managers that do the best job of using SEO for google searches manage the most money.
— Dylan Ratigan

Reality or perception? Scott & Dylan ponder whether asset managers really benefit from SEO optimization. If not, what is the purpose of it?

Most people don’t know where to go to get financial information.
— Scott Sheridan

Here's the whole segment...be sure to catch it again next time!

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