Dylan Ratigan & Tom Sosnoff are back again for another segment of Truth Or Skepticism! This week, the duo debates recent market woes, the Paris effect, and the looming possibility of the Fed raising interest rates. Check out the sneak peek below!


Is there a partnership brewing between Russia & the west?
— Dylan Ratigan

Tom & Dylan reflect on the tragedy in Paris, and wonder if this will bring everyone together in the long run. Tom believes that if we see Russia turn around, commodities may follow suit.


What is oversold? What has the greatest pot odds?
— Tom Sosnoff

Tom discusses his plan for the future if the US does in fact raise rates. Dylan wonders if he can be long the Euro and RSX at the same time, and Tom says he absolutely can.


People accept the benchmark (-1%) as an alternative to doing worse than that by being engaged and screwing it up.
— Dylan Ratigan

Tom & Dylan revive the index vs. active argument, and Dylan explains how people rationalize the acceptance of doing worse than the benchmark.


How long did it take for the market to bounce back from the terrorist attack?
— Dylan Ratigan

The duo talks about Sunday trading, and Tom admits he was up all night trading. They discuss the odd behavior in the market, and how the market essentially shrugged off the terrorist attack like it was nothing.

Remember, this was just a preview - you can watch the full segment below!