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Most people make the mistake of adjusting or covering too early because they never understood the expected move in the first place.
— Tom Sosnoff

Tom & Dylan discuss the recent rally in the S&P and what Tom makes of it. Tom explains how the probability of touch for this move was 100%, which is why he's standing pat. He goes on to explain the difference between this same trade today vs. two weeks ago.


Selling premium in oil & buying the underlying was nice two weeks ago. What about today?
— Dylan Ratigan

Dylan wonders if different commodity sectors are still worth getting long. Tom explains why he's a buyer of all dips in resource stocks, and reveals how he's getting long.

When you trade puts in resource stocks, they’re likely not going to zero, so puts DO trade a little cheap.
— Tom Sosnoff


We tend to be very careful in NOT focusing in too much on a specific stock or sector.
— Tom Sosnoff

Dylan brings up how people love betting on superstar stocks like TSLA, NFLX, FB, etc. He states that this is good for liquidity. Tom agrees, but is sure to not zoom in too hard, as overall market awareness is more important when it comes to decision making.


I would rather improve my ability than put something aside for 20 years and wait around.
— Tom Sosnoff

Tom tells his silver bar buy & hold story, and admits that if he would have sold puts instead of buying the silver bar he would have made infinitely more money. Dylan relates passive investing to active investing in the sense that both parties agree they cannot predict the future, but they take different actions because of that notion.

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