On this week’s episode of Truth Or Skepticism, co-founder of thinkorswim Scott Sheridan talks to Dylan Ratigan in a rousing conversation about a few hot topics in today’s financial space. They touch on social media regulation, predicting tops and bottoms in the market, and what it would mean if institutional investors started using option strategies more. See our synopsis here as well as the full segment below!

Social Media Regulation

When it comes to social media, which is very new, there are no rules if you’re not regulated.
— Scott Sheridan

Scott dissects the difference between disclosing investments as a registered advisor compared to an everyday person. There are no rules for someone that is not regulated, but the same tweet or statement from a registered advisor could result in huge penalties. When very influential people that are not advisors can move the markets on a macro level from a social media post, there is a problem.

There’s an aspect of front running that can’t be disputed and needs to be addressed.
— Dylan Ratigan

Market Tops & Bottoms

What’s the difference between a bear market and just a down draft that’s a lowsy week in the stock market? How the hell can you tell the difference?
— Dylan Ratigan

Dylan wonders how he can tell the difference between a bad week and the start of a bear market. Scott swears by VIX activity, and discusses potential strategies he may use to prepare for a bear market.

People who are relatively new to trading haven’t seen a bear market.
— Scott Sheridan

More Tech, More Products

You have to throw futures and options into the mix, and if you don’t it’s like going to the movies and covering one eye.
— Scott Sheridan

Dylan digs into the discussion of diversifying a portfolio with futures and options rather than just stock. Scott believes it’s a MUST, and if you don’t you’re trading in a 2D environment

You have to realize that in selling puts there’s no more risk than buying stock and selling calls.
— Dylan Ratigan

Selling Premium

If people would take the time to understand it (options trading) they would realize that there’s value here.
— Scott Sheridan

Scott & Dylan conclude the segment by discussing when and when not to sell premium. Dylan wonders if there is ever a time where selling premium is not a good idea, and Scott explains his view. There’s always opportunities out there; it just gets harder as market volatility decreases.

Here's the whole segment...be sure to catch it again next time!

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