Got a question about tastytrade technology? Ryan Grace is your guy! In addition to his work on The Ryan & Beef Show every day, he's also our expert on all things related to the finer points of our products. Ryan popped into the studio on this week's episode of tasty Extras to introduce all the awesome new features we have added to the website. Here's some of what he covered:

Video Table Of Contents

Some days, you don't mind if Tom launches into an eight-minute address about his lox preferences. Other days, not so much. For days when you're short on time, it's now much easier to navigate directly to different points in our videos. If you want to quickly jump directly to the study results in a Market Measures episode or grab the key takeaways of Ryan and Beef's discussion on a trading concept, check out the new Video Table of Contents Feature.


Don't exactly remember if you've already seen that episode of Best Practices?  (We know, we've got a lot of videos!) But don't worry - videos now indicate when you've watched an episode. 

Additionally, after watching a video, it will automatically be added to a "Watch History" playlist for easy access.

Create A PlayList AnD ADD VIDEOS TO IT

When you're logged into tastytrade , you can now create a custom playlist and add videos to it. To create a playlist, hover over an episode that you want to add to your playlist, click the red plus symbol towards the top of the video thumbnail, type in a name for your playlist, and voila! One more can create as many playlists as your little heart desires.

Naming and Re-Naming Playlists

As of this week, you can save videos to watch later in custom playlists named by a topic. 

Create your own playlist with a title of your choosing.

Create your own playlist with a title of your choosing.

Coming soon!

We're excited to roll out our new Glossary Search feature! Hear a term on the show and you're not exactly sure what it means? Glossary Search will allow you to search for that term and find out what it means without even having to leave the page. 

See something you like or don't like on We're always open to feature suggestions! Drop us a line at or send a tweet to @doughTraderRyan with your feedback!