Tom & Dylan are back to discuss the massive pullback we've seen since the beginning of the year. How are the two interpreting it? Tune in for a sneak preview below, but don't miss the full segment here!


This is a very rare move, but it’s just the first inning. We can’t leave. We have to see what happens with this market.
— Tom Sosnoff

Tom & Dylan discuss the recent market decline, and gauge the opportunity that lies ahead. Tom believes the directional opportunity is really tough day to day, but the heightened volatility is key.

For me, it ties back to the federal reserve activity over the last few years.
— Dylan Ratigan


It affects the way I trade China, but it doesn’t affect what I trade here.
— Tom Sosnoff

Dylan questions whether or not China's market activity has an impact on the US markets. Tom relates the opportunity to pot odds. Dylan reveals China's VP's comments, and Tom is not buying in.


Obviously resources. The one trade that has treated us well is short bonds and reducing basis by selling puts against that position.
— Tom Sosnoff

Tom is all about being long resources at these levels. He explains how he is shorting bonds to indirectly play the long side of the market. He goes on to explain his concerns with liquidity in general, and how that will play a part in market participation going forward.

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